Our instruments must deliver accurate g-measurement and timekeeping with flawless accuracy under the toughest conditions: sustained, crushing acceleration.


Having invented a device which did not exist before, we had also to come up with new tests to simulate the high g-load situations our devices would be operating in.

On top of the traditional tests rough sport watches go through, we subject ours to an additional battery of gruesome, custom-made laboratory tests, to simulate extreme g-loads for extended periods of time.


But ultimately, our devices must prove air-worthy out in the blue yonder.

Our pilots take every instrument up in the air, where its functions are thoroughly measured, verified and duly recorded in the dedicated Instrument Logbook.


We can think of no better way to guarantee their reliability.


All our devices go through prolonged, high g-load tests, both in the laboratory and in the air.




Our devices are precision instruments.


Every detail of manufacture, testing and service is dutifully registered in the unique Instrument Logbook that accompanies every instrument we manufacture. This document also includes the user manual, warranty and certification documents.

The Logbook provides consistent traceability, ensuring the device performs in accordance with our standards. And just like an aircraft, when De Motu Pilot Instrument leaves the factory the Logbook accompanies it for life, faithfully telling its story for the owner and the watchmaker.